Bigapple Academy

Bigapple academy is an independent organization which works to guide the students to achieve sucess in NCLEX-RN examination which is one of the hardest examination in the medical field, solely run by S. Sukhwinder Singh has graducated in AASN from Bergen Community College, Paranus, New Jersey in 2008. In early years of his profession, after passing NCLEX-RN in first attempt he got chance to work in varius.

Smart Classroom

  • We have a classroom of capacity of 100 students which as well equipped with "amentities such high tech sound system, a projectal, temperature conted as drinking per seasons, comfortable seating, filtered water.
  • We also study of which have few extra classrooms. student and for are conducting for self tesk also equipped with all the needed facilities.
  • Students have been their Convenience. provided pantry with a & Learners also have the opportunity of referring Variety books from clearification of their concepts. "library for Big apple academy which achieve to success guide independent organizaron students. To the in NCLEX-RN examination
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